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Though not a sexy topic, I became interested in the liver…

Throughout my health coaching certification process, I’d become exposed to so many facets of health I’d not previously known. One such rabbit hole I’d gone down was all about the liver. A topic, I’ve since become passionate about. I know. Sexy, right?!

I mention it because my interest in the liver led me to awareness around the unrelenting toxicity in the products that are all around us and the burden that our livers have to help rid those toxins from our bodies.

I became increasingly aware of our sunscreens, my makeup and ironically, even my cleansers and shampoos.

ENTER: Beautycounter

This brand blew me away right out of the gate for their commitment to advocacy. The word “counter” in the name may ultimately be a double-entendre (word nerd!) but it’s intent is to draw out their commitment to countering the status quo. Hell yeah!

We don’t have to unwittingly harm our bodies in the name of beauty any longer.

There is better beauty.


Below are some of my absolute favorites and/or best sellers from the line. Click through for more info or to purchase. As always, don’t hesitate to ask me a question if you have one or 10!