Introducing: MORNING MELTDOWN 100


Here we are on the cusp of June and I have not had a brand new never before seen program to offer you since February when T:20 came out! Well, we had the new 21-day fix but now I’ve got something REALLY FUN to sink my teeth into and to build a very fun community around.

You guys are going to LOVE this program! It’s the best of all my favorite programs plus totally new formatting rolled into one!

Here’s the best part….these workouts are only 20-30 minutes per day.

Yup. I know that so many of you loved the idea of T:20 for that reason but some never could get past the HIIT part of that program. I get it. I loved it after a week or two but I know it’s hard to change your mindset around.


I promise you that!

MORNING MELTDOWN 100 is designed to do in the morning.

Just wake up. Do it. Go about your day!

(can you do it later in day? sure, of course!)

It’s 100 workouts. In my group, I’ll be doing the workout 6x per week but there is no mandated or official cadence. The goal is simply to cross off all 100 workouts. Given that they’re only 20-30 minutes, some days, you’ll want to do two workouts in one day. That week you may double up a couple times, making it possible to do even more than 7 workouts in one week. Other weeks, you may only get to 4 workouts. Its entirely up to you!

This program is in it’s VIP EARLY RELEASE PHASE till Oct. 1. So, what does it take to access it?

If you’re ready for this killer fat-blasting 20-30 minute no plateauing program NOW then you could sign up during the VIP EARLY ACCESS phase. (July 16th - July 29th).

This is a VIP phase as a perk to Shakeology + Performance line customers. If you are an existing BOD member, you can simply add on the program through purchasing the “Accessories Bundle”. However, if you’re new to Beachbody on Demand, you’ll need a challenge pack - which are on sale $20 off this month. A challenge pack is BOD membership + Shakeology or Performance line.


Coach-only access: JULY 1-15th

VIP EARLY access: July 15-29

Program EARLY launch for coaches and VIP customers: July 16th.

(all of the above dates include a $20 off challenge pack launch special pricing)

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 5.44.37 AM.png

What makes MM100 unique?

This is the first Beachbody program designed to be done in the morning. When you wake up and commit to giving Jericho everything you’ve got, you’ll go into the rest of your day energized, refreshed, and ready to take on the world. This is an intermediate-to-advanced program that features 100 workouts broken into 5 phases of 20 workouts each. In each phase, you’ll do a 10-workout cycle of 20- to 30-minute workouts, and then heat up the intensity and repeat those 10 with added 100-second challenges—all designed to give you a solid rotation of cardio, resistance, and mind/body training. However you want to complete your 100 workouts is really up to you. Jericho has included recovery days along the way to give your body some TLC, so if you miss a day or want to plan for a day off you can stack that day’s workout with the next. The program outlines exactly how to do that. The most important takeaway is that you make a commitment to every single morning workout.

Morning Meltdown 100 also features music mixed live by DJ Jesse Blake, who ramps the beats to speed up moves, adding intensity and excitement. It’ll make your workout feel like a party and give you the motivation you need to keep going. At the core of the program is the Be 100 Book, a beautifully designed, interactive, daily motivational tool and tracker that will help you unlock your potential and guide your commitment as you melt off the fat.

THE BIG NEWS is that you can add on The Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset Nutrition programs to your Morning Meltdown 100 purchase for only an extra $50. We know that results are made in the kitchen and want to ensure you’re feeling fully supported there.

Fill out the form below (it’s not a commitment, but will help me get you started) and I’ll reach out to get you set up!

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Those without a BOD membership currently will not be able to buy the program alone as they must purhcase BOD in order to access the program. In this case, you can first get a membership, then add the accessories bundle or take advantage of the $20 promoon challenge packs and dial up your results with Shakeology.

Healing my gut: Treatment

My approach to healing my gut is multi-pronged.

First part: elimination diet

Second part: focus on all gut healing remedies

Third part: test my gut to get a real picture of the bacterial landscape so that I may best ascertain my starting point and the impact I have with food. To this end, I’ve ordered the VIOME test and will share results as I have them.

There is a lot of beneficial crossover, but a few disparities between the two approaches. There are different foods I would allow/avoid for each approach but I have devised a plan which will allow for a successful elimination diet to happen alongside healing and then to give way to a focused approach to healing.

As for my elimination diet. I explained it here, but am going to add a little update and clarification around it below too.

path A: eliminate potential allergens to gain clarity around how foods I eat impact my wellbeing

Initially I was going to essentially eliminate ALL potential allergens at once and just rough it for only 3 weeks + time to fold items back into my diet. The other advantage to this was that some potential allergens (such as sugar) are important to remove while healing your gut even if you’re not doing an elimination diet. And, in a parallel path, I’m also over here trying to heal my gut.

However, when I sat down to look at my meal plans, I determined, based on the fact that I’m eating on set for work 3/4 of the time or on the go, I would have a slightly easier chance at dynamic meals and not being stuck with just eating lettuce all the time, if I allowed a few key elements now.

I am still removing sugar with two exceptions: log GI fruit such as berries and honey or natural sweeteners. I will still be on a strict low sugar diet and while not an official elimination, an approach much kinder and gentler on my gut health right now while still allowing me to quit the main concerns for me. To the original list, I’ve also added red meat and shellfish. I’m less concerned with either being an allergen but ideally I’d get a complete picture in this one effort so I made the list as long as I could manage while leaving enough for me to have some options to keep me going through 3 full weeks.

  • all grains

  • dairy

  • corn

  • soy

  • legumes

  • citrus fruits (as potential allergen)

  • red meat

  • shellfish

I am not quitting coffee right now either. I am only allowing myself one cup per day, which is a significant reduction (down from 4). I will have water or green tea in it’s place.

What CAN I eat?

Well, a lot really. It’s just that I’m eliminating a lot of my go-to’s which means I have to be a little more thoughtful and proactive here is all.

I can eat:

  • eggs (big win here. should quit since I eat often but I decided to keep to get me through this bigger list of omissions and then after I’ve incorporated more back in, I’ll do a second 3-week window with no eggs at that time, as I would still like to gain clarity around this food’s impact on my body.).

  • free-range chicken

  • wild caught fish

  • free-range turkey

  • nightshades (was going to eliminate but on day 4 realized I’d been eating mushrooms which are a nightshade so skipping this category for now).

  • natural sweeteners (like honey) only in baking

  • most (low GI) fruit (no citrus)

  • raw (green) bananas only (before they turn to sugar and still have a low GI and high resistant starch content, good for my gut).

  • Healthy fats: Avocado, avocado oil, coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil.

  • many veggies (except nightshades)

  • quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth

  • Sprouted seeds: Chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and more.

path B goal: heal gut

So the other approach to healing my gut, other than the elimination diet, meant to give me CLARITY around potential food allergies further perpetuating my gut problems, I’m also striving to HEAL my gut in a parallel path.

To that end, I’m striving to add:

  • phytonutrients and antioxidants

  • probiotic supplements

  • fermented foods

  • Beverages: Bone broth, teas, coconut milk, nut milk, water and kombucha.

  • Nuts

  • (not while on my elimination diet, but:) Cultured dairy products: Kefir, yogurt, Greek yogurt and traditional buttermilk.

  • green bananas or other high resistant starches (many, such as legumes, off of my list during elimination diet.)

Since inflammation was a problem, I need to continue to watch my sugar intake as it causes inflammation and wreaks havoc on my immune system. I’ll be sure to be adding those healthy fruits and veggies but I will continue to keep my sugar intake restricted. I won’t be quitting sugar altogether as you can see, but that goal/objective was independent of my elimination diet goals and my gut-healing goals. So it’s not imperative for me to go to the limit on that right now. It’s better to allow myself a few exceptions to sugars to help me through the next 3-weeks and go from there.

I hope this provides more clarity around the approach I’m taking, goals, and pathways to healing my gut.

Healing my gut: The elimination diet


PART 1: Elimination

Well, less than 2-days away from my day 1 of my elimination diet and my list of possible allergens to remove for this 3-week period has grown.

My friend Maria, a fellow Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health coach (she’s a graduate), recommended that as I’m really wanting to get to the bottom of it, I maybe should consider a more comprehensive list of possible allergens to remove for my elimination.

I am going to remove:

  • all grains

  • dairy

  • corn

  • soy

  • alcohol

To that list I’ve now added:

  • nightshades (Eggplant (Fruit)

    • Tomatoes

    • Tomatillo

    • Potatoes

    • Goji Berries

    • Peppers (Bell, Chili, Paprika, Cayenne)

  • legumes

This addition hurts a little more as I eat a lot of tomatoes and peppers, I think I would have liked the variety of beans, rely on chickpeas often and I’m having a serious love affair at the moment with peas that will have to go on hold until I can rule them out as an offender.

Hard as this is going to be, I don’t feel good and I want to. I’ve got the motivation and now is the time. You’ve got to have your “WHY” handy when you sign up for hard things! This is what I’ll turn to to keep me going when it gets tough, and it will.

So that is the list of things I will not be eating from JUNE 1 through JUNE 22nd.

PART 2: Re-introduction

So how will it work? What comes next?

Ok, so once I’ve eliminated the above for a full 3-weeks, I’ll begin to re-introduce each potential allergen one at a time.

I’ll start with the one I missed the most and eat it at least two servings of it over 2 days. I won’t introduce more than one at time. JUST ONE and give it a couple days to note any and all reactions. The symptoms I’ll be looking out for include:

  • bloating

  • brain fog

  • headache

  • digestive reaction

  • joint pain

  • cravings

  • fatigue

  • other (who knows!)

I’ll note whether it was mild, moderate or severe or if I had no reaction. I’ll plan to record these results diligently for a couple days as some results like brain fog could occur the day after I ate the food.

If I have a reaction, I’ll continue to eliminate the food. After a few days with each reintroduced food, I’ll introduce another back into my diet and follow the same process…eating at least two servings for two days and noting any and all reactions before going on to reintroduce the next and next until I’ve gotten through the full list…likely taking me weeks further… I know. It’s kind of a commitment.

So that is the HOW, next up I’ll be sharing what the hell I’m going to be eating over the next month or so!

If you’re just starting with this post. I introduced what my motivation was for doing this in this post here.

Thanks for following along. I share this as it is my mission to help as many women as possible onto their wellness journey and that is by any value I can provide - be it my services or by simply sharing my story as I’m doing with this series.

It’s free. It’s real.

As a health conscious person who’s building a business around wellness, I think it shows how important it is to know your body well, to avoid inflammation whenever possible (be it through toxins, allergens, or injury), and finally, how important it is to be HONEST with yourself and have self-awareness.

I can show up and press play on my workouts every day but if I’m eating too much pizza, ice cream and alcohol, I could still be doing my health a real disservice. The thing to note is…I don’t abuse any of those things. Which is why I believe I have a sensitivity towards one or all of those and others.

My stomach shouldn’t hurt. I shouldn’t have brain fog so often. I should not be in a constant cycle of cravings. Something I’m consuming with some regularity is harming me.

But that’s not the full story.

Toxins play a huge role here and I’ve got to start taking responsibility for how I’m allowing them into my bloodstream.

As part of this series, I’ll be sharing a lot more on that topic, but today, I wanted to continue the conversation and share the nuts and bolts of the actual elimination diet process.

I’ve turned comments on and am hoping to here from you if you’ve got any questions or thoughts!

With hope and gratitude,




So, here's the deal. I'm not myself lately.  I'm in a cycle that feels bad and it seems one negative thing is forever perpetuating the other. 

The good news? I recognize that this is a cycle which I am in control of and that I can break. I am tapped into my WHY enough to motivate me through the necessary hard work and I SEE A LIGHT that will guide me through.

Two years ago, it was one baby step in front of the other. Today, two years along in my journey I’ve still got work to do but I’ve got enough base knowledge and victories behind me to find the necessary resources and believe I can do the work.

As for how I’m feeling…Let’s just get some fundamentals of this storyline out of the way right now.

What are my symptoms: 

  • Deplorable memory (more on this later)

  • Stressed/moody/anxious and even depressed at times, lately, more often than I’d prefer to admit (often incited by my bad memory, bad food choices, strains of career, doing it all, marriage and parenthood. These things all test my limits.) 

  • Sugar cravings (form of sweets yes, but mostly refined white carbs like BREAD)

  • Fatigue …

  • Seasonal allergies  - new to me

I can tell you I've been here before but I can also tell you that I'm not here usually. Which is to say, as a health coach and a woman creating a business around wellness, I’m generally striving for just that…wellness. I’m always much better off than I was before I began my journey at all two years ago, but I’m not always at my best health.

Stress can break any of us at times and the cycle of stress turning on the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) and subsequently the secretion of cortisol, triggering the body to raise blood sugar levels so you can have the fuel to fight or flee and this is all perfectly wonderful and natural….except when it doesn’t turn off or when it’s kicked on in chronic frequency.

I truly don’t believe anything with our bodies is random. I tend to believe, as I learn more and more about functional medicine, that food can turn inflammation/immune system ON and it can also turn it OFF….but not when we continue to keep eating foods that trigger our immune system (because of a sensitivity to that food that we don’t realize we have or choose to ignore). The combination of external stresses and food stresses can be serious.

As I said, I am generally in a healthy cycle that keeps the worst of these symptoms at bay. But food can turn the cycle on or off and once turned on, it triggers a slew of symptoms (fatigue, mood issues, anxiety, depression) that once turned on make it more uphill to turn off.

This is what I wish to control. Food as medicine. Awareness to break cycles.

In the name of research, progress and downright frustration, I’m finally getting the clarity I need in order to break some cycles once and for all.

The first bad wave in recent memory came up around this time last year when I quit alcohol in early July.

I guess I consumed it regularly enough that the lack of it in my diet left a hole that my brain felt only sugar could fill, prompting the worst sugar cravings that this life-long sugar addict has ever encountered (this is saying a lot!). I could justify it at first because I was proud of myself for not imbibing, but one toxin for another is hardly a victory. 

When I decided to do a gut bacteria test by the company BIOHM later that Summer, I'd only been about a month or so past the worst of my nutrition and cravings. I indulged my cravings for too long and was on an improved cycle for only days when I took the test.  

Now, according to Dr. Perlmutter, the gut responds quickly to changes in diet...even just 3 days! 

That said, this test, taken at the very end of Summer 2018, reflects a very unhealthy gut revealing CANDIDA OVERGROWTH:


Here’s the crazy thing. I never bothered to even look at these results until recently, prompting this post and the subsequent series which will follow me on this journey. I received these results back in September. At the time, the company promised me a second test to share a side-by-side results after cleaning up my diet. I took a second test and submitted for results but never received them and forgot all about it (again, that bad memory is no joke). I reached back out but as of writing this have not yet received those results. In the meantime, I have just purchased a more comprehensive kit from the company VIOME.

In this kit, shipping soon, I’ll provide them a sample and they’ll provide me:

  • Lists of foods to enjoy, minimize, or avoid and why

  • Tips on food prep and serving sizes

  • Recommendations for probiotics & supplements only if you need them

Now, one of the biggest stressors in my life is my memory (or lack there of). It's to the point that I've been to a doctor and insisted to have my brain scanned. Turns out, I'd had a brain scan just months before when I suffered a concussion (of course I forgot about this) and the doctor said that between seeing the all clear from that test and talking with me, she diagnosed my cognitive issues to be stress-related....I think her words were..."you're a busy working mother...with school and a side job no less...take a hot shower and get regular massages". 

I found this dissatisfactory.

 I'm looking into Cleveland Clinic's FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE offerings (shout out Dr.Hyman) and Parsley Health which is currently only located in NYC, SF and LA. If I can get to one for the required in-person initial visit, my membership could exist online subsequently. I'm a fan of this practice and it's super smart founding doctor, Dr. Robin Berzen…but of course, our own Cle Clinic functional medicine practice is world class, so I’d be thrilled to do that as well.

In the meantime, as a student of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (where I first learned of Parsley Health), I've got plenty of other resources and knowledge to shape my own initial protocols.  

 I highly recommend that anyone following along speak with a doctor for their own customized protocol as I believe in BIOINDIVIDUALITY ( meaning there is no one-size-fits-all solution to health) but certainly there will be some good takeaways. 


Finally. A nutritional solution.

Part of what I wanted to gain by becoming a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach was to help myself cut through all the confusing and contradictory information out there about nutrition.

I wanted to be able to offer truly useful information to my clients and to help as many people as possible find their way back to their best selves through food and fitness.

One of the most essential lessons I learned as a health coach student has been the concept - of which I’d already adhered but didn’t know it had a name! - of BIO-INDIVIDUALITY. This is just suggesting that there is NO ONE DIET that can work for EVERYONE. Our sex, our age, our geography, our upbringing, our personal preferences, our bodies reactions to foods…all of these variables combined create a need for an individualistic approach to diet and nutrition.

So, I can’t make a recommendation of one approach and simply say that I eat mostly keto so all of you should too. Or I’m a vegan so you should be a vegan too. It doesn’t work that way and I’d never say such a thing.

This is one of the reasons I’m so excited to be getting certified next month in THE ULTIMATE PORTION FIX program that my cousin, super-trainer Autumn Calabrese has created.

This program doesn’t tell you what to do. IT EMPOWERS YOU to finally be able to ascertain that for yourself.

I recently did a poll and you guys told me that it is more difficult for you to motivate on the nutrition side of things than it is on fitness. You guys told me that you’re more confused by the nutrition side of things than fitnes. Well, now I’ve got a way to help you with this.

You will learn this program through 6 training modules.

Each, with videos and content to take a deep dive into various aspects of understanding. The 6 modules cover:


  • intro into the basic principles behind Ultimate Portion Fix and how and why the container system works (after 5 years of testing through the original portion fix program). There are 3 key principles which will be covered.

  • food and sugar addiction, hidden sugars, health claims and lableling

  • why cravings happen (THIS IS SO KEY!!!!)

  • Understanding emotional eating

  • WHY WHY WHY - we can’t just scratch the surface of the point of getting your nutrition under control. A bikini alone can’t be the reason. you MUST go deeper and this module will help you dig deeper.

  • NO MORE DIETS - this empowers you to get your nutrition on auto-pilot in a sustainable and enduring way.


  • Understanding the 3 different paths you can take on the Ultimate Portion Fix program and how you can use this in different ways at different points on your journey.


  • Digging into different formulas and how to use the container system.

  • This will include a refresher of the original portion fix program but also all of the further developed and next level NEW info.

  • This is going to deep dive into food lists

  • Look at how to use this no matter what your style of eating preference is (vegan, paleo, keto etc.)

  • We’ll demystify substitutions and understand freebies


  • Take on the grocery store! Overcome the overwhelm and deer-in-headlights reaction many have (that was my issue 2 years ago. I just shut down and either bought every healthy food item in there and later wasted and threw away or just left the store with nothing!).

  • dig into importance of and how-to’s of MEAL PLANNING for both beginner and advanced levels

  • Then go into MEAL PREPPING and how to best be prepared.


  • FAMILY FIX! not a diet for children but a way to apply this knowledge to ensure a healthy family including kids. That said, with your child’s doctor’s approval you could apply this to kids in need of a healthier lifestyle.

  • Will cover info for different age groups

  • how to feed your family and keep them all healthy

  • psychology of food - how you interact with your food


  • Special ways for special days; How to handle restaurants and vacations.


  • Over 30 new videos about the containers and principles of the nutrition plan

  • Portion control containers

  • A workbook and daily logbook

  • Fixate Volume 2 Cookbook with 102 new recipes

  • Access to over 200 episodes of the Fixate Cooking Show

  • 75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids PDF

  • Tracking with the Nutrition+ and Beachbody on Demand apps

BONUS: When you purchase the Ultimate Portion Fix before April 1, you’ll get real time streaming of 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme Workouts, so you can work out together with Autumn Calabrese starting April 1, 2019 and our team!

The Combo pack will also include an Insulated Beachbody Tote Bag that comes with large partitioned containers, ice packs, and plenty of storage so you can take your food with you wherever you go.

But the best part of purchasing the Ultimate Portion Fix is that you get access to me as a coach as well as an invitation to my UPF Lifestyle Challenge Group!

How can you dial up what you take away from this program?

In a word? COACH.

You can opt to get certified in this program and gain a deeper and full understanding of how to not just know the information but to know it well enough to share it and help others as well.
The one thing I’ve learned from being a coach is that I will always be both a teacher and a student. Teaching helps me better understand the content and helps me to be more accountable.

Knowing that this is a powerful way for people to dial up their commitment, a coach certification option is available to EVERYONE.

This is the most powerful tool I’ve ever offered. Hands down. I’m beyond excited. To get your journey started, fill out this form:

Or, as always, just email me! I’m happy to answer any questions. danielle @ deboestudio .com

What is the BAGUA MAP ?


Have you ever noticed how there are exactly 2,391, 233 decisions that you have to make when you consider decorating your new living space?

Or, how you can’t actually ever make one singular decision because EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED TO EVERYTHING!?!?!

It can be seriously overwhelming and discouraging and frustrating and well, stressful.

Very often, we give up somewhere before the finish line. Personally, I tend to front load as much of the design work as possible when I move into a new living space. I do try to get it out of the way as soon as possible for a few reasons…One, I get excited. Two, I want to live in a space that reflects me (and my family) as soon as humanly possible. Three, it tends to take up an awful lot of my brain space and I don’t want that much energy and brain space “spoken for” indefinitely. I’d very much like to get my home where I’m comfortable and free that space back up for other stuff!

So, how do I ensure I don’t get overwhelmed by decision fatigue before I reach the finish line?

First, I ACCEPT that there is NO FINISH LINE! EVER! As long as I am a growing, developing, evolving, traveling, life-experiencing, feeling, human….my home will never be finished. The reason being, I accept that my home should be a reflection of it’s occupants and our hopes and dreams. And, I certainly hope that those hopes and dreams continue indefinitely.

So my goal isn’t to get it over the finish line, but to get it to comfortably support our lifestyle and needs to the best of my ability and budget as fast as possible, so that I am not all-consumed for too long by it. Even though I was an Interior Designer for the last 6 years, my goal for my own home was never perfection, just an inspired reflection.


This tool is an essential feng shui tool. It’s basic function is to tell you which area of a space is correlated with which aspect of your life. See the map below to see the different life areas being mapped.


  • draw the basic outer footprint of your home. (imagine looking down at your home from above Include any area covered by a roof (this includes front/back porches and attached garages)

  • Orient the map so that the front/main entrance (where would first time visitors to your home instinctively knock. not the most common door the residents of your home use necessarily) is on the bottom of the map. (see above map where it shows the main entrance along the bottom of the square)

  • Stretch or shrink the bagua map into a square or rectangle to fit the outermost footprint of your home.

  • NOTE: there is very likely to be some areas of your map not inside your home, but outside because many homes are not conveniently a square or rectangle.

  • NOTE: your rooms won’t conveniently fit exactly into just one “gua”. For example, my kitchen is both my Wealth + Prosperity AND my Health + Family guas. My Health + family gua is in BOTH my kitchen and my dining room.


First, there are some general decluttering and assessments I’d recommend doing, but for the purpose of this post, I’m just going to share some high-level HOW-TO’s on specifically the Bagua Map so you can begin to play around with it and get an understanding for it’s function.

The idea of course is that we can enhance various aspects of our lives through enhancing the corresponding areas of our homes (or workplaces etc.).

To do that we first need to know what area means what. We’ve mapped our homes, so we’ve got that. Now, since none of our lives are perfect, there is a tendency to want to hurry up and fix ALL of it. After all, who wouldn’t want to enhance their wealth, their health, the love life, their knowledge and careers all?!!

Resist the temptation to spread your focus. Instead:

SELECT one area of focus at a time. Listen, we multi-task to a fault in our lives (prob why we need to enhance these area in the first place!) don’t multi-task this intentional practice.

ASSESS that area. Is it cluttered? Is anything in that area broken? Do you and all residents of the home feel good about everything in that space? do you or anyone you live with strongly dislike anything visible in this area? are the hidden areas (drawers, cupboards, closets) of this area a mess? Is this area fully present or is part of the area that falls inside the bagua map outside of your home (think of a home that is shaped more like a “L” - you’ll draw the map to the outermost shape but that will mean some areas are “missing” from the rectangle map. This is something we’ll be going over in the workshop).

ENHANCE the area. Now that we’ve identified which area you want to focus on, where it is, and assessed it’s current state…it’s time to take action to enhance. No matter which gua you’re working on you’ll want to start by decluttering this area. Go through it all and remove/fix any unwanted or broken items. You’ll also want to be sure that you work with each other to remove any items that any one member of the household has a strong aversion to.

To get a list of enhancements per gua, download the BAGUA MAP TOOLKIT by signing up below. It’s FREE.

The tool kit shows an example floor plan of a home then this floor plan with the map applied, a blank sheet for you to practice drawing your own map, and a full list of enhancements that I recommend for each gua of your life/home.

I hope you enjoy!

I hope you enjoy this tool It’s SO FUN to me! Remember not to rush it. Everything as it pertains to feng shui ought to be done with intention. Take it one area at a time, and slowly think through each step and enhancement.

You are cordially invited to my home for a FENG SHUI workshop!

WHEN: Thursday April 4th, 2019

TIME: 6 PM arrival, 8:30 PM depart

WHERE: My home in Shaker Heights. Address provided after purchase.

WHAT: Feng Shui Fundamentals Workshop with Danielle in her home

I am so excited to finally be getting around to doing this! I always thought that hosting a Feng Shui workshop was fun, but hosting one in a home environment is just smart!


Attendees will arrive at my home at 11 am.

There will be wine, sparkling water and coffee as well as light hors d’oeuvres and a few treats to nosh on throughout the workshop.

Attendees will be given a printed 40-page workbook upon arrival.

(Anyone who has purchased the workbook already will get the cost deducted from their ticket price, just email me to let me know!).

We’ll be using this workbook throughout the workshop to get a hands-on lesson using my home’s layout and rooms as the examples. You’ll see the ways in which I’ve arranged my home to support my goals and also the ways in which my home is still “imperfect” and how I work towards balance.

I will officially dive right into the workshop at 11:30 AM sharp! (we’ve got a lot to cover and it’s very fun stuff so it has a tendency to bring up lots of side conversations that are fun and worth it, but do add time!)

The workshop will wrap up at 1:00.


We'll learn how to see our environments differently, with what I call “Feng Shui eyes” through learning:

  • How to best approach the interior design of our homes or any space leveraging these powerful tools.

  • We’ll be talking about the order in which to work, the best way to determine the floor plan, and color-selection. We'll learn about Ch'i, or positive energy flow, and how to enhance it in our environments.

  • What the heck "yin + yang" is really all about and how to see our environments through that lens.

  • About the five elements and how to use our knowledge of elemental cycles to enhance our homes

  • We'll learn about the Feng Shui map (the bagua map) and how to apply it to our homes to enhance specific areas of our lives such as our wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, love and marriage, creativity and children, health and family, knowledge and self-cultivation, career and helpful people and travel.

  • We’ll also map YOUR home’s floor plan while we’re there together and I can work with you to ensure you get it done correctly. Walking through my bagua map will give you a clear understanding of how to move through your own home and understand how it is (or isn’t) working for you.


The bagua map tells you which part of your home (based on the floor plan) is associated with which key area of your life:

  • wealth + prosperity

  • fame + reputation

  • love + marriage

  • creativity + children

  • health + family

  • knowledge + self cultivation

  • career

  • and helpful people + travel

Are you working on a side hustle that you want to make your full-time gig?

Are you working on a big promotion at work?

Are you just trying to earn more income for a family vacation?

Feng Shui can support that goal.

Are you hoping to expand your family? Do you need to enhance your creativity? Are you looking for a partner or trying to strengthen your relationship with your spouse?

Feng Shui supports these goals too.

We’ll also cover the secret (because there is a secret to all of this and life in general for that matter) as without it your efforts will only get your so far.


See above. But also:

  • Are you struggling to get your home’s interior design plan together?

  • Does your room feel unfinished but you can’t figure out why?

  • Do you believe you weren’t born with the gift of design?

  • Are you struggling to pick a color or wallpaper fo your bathroom?

  • Is your floor plan totally confounding you?

  • I could on…

These tools are not just some ancient Chinese woo woo. I would argue, their imperative. They give me so much support and have made me a successful designer. THEY ARE LEARNABLE!


  • We'll create custom maps for each of your homes

  • A full-color workbook FULL of tips, tricks and tools that you're bound to dog-ear, bookmark, drawn in, plan in, and read over and over for life! 

  • DIgital version of all worksheets emailed to you to use at your leisure on as many rooms as you’d like.

  • A new way to see your home and your goals.

  • A new tool that Interior Designers the world over use to create amazing rooms without actually realizing that it’s Feng Shui at play.

  • NEW FRIENDS! There will be just 12 of us and it is going to be so much fun!

  • A new skill!



"Captivating and informative! Refreshing to dialogue about how design relates to our day to day goal setting and emotional well being! - Jacob Holland Creative Director Event Source jacob.simon.holland

The evening was so INSPIRING!! I can't wait to put what I leaned into action and make my home a place that truly supports my goals and dreams!! -Deana

Danielle presented the elements and the yin yang concepts in a way that helped me apply them to any room to achieve the balance and harmony I seek. So often I know a room needs "something but what". I feel like the tools she shared will help me achieve that sense of a room 'feeling right" Thank you!! Angie

The entire workshop was extremely informative and very useful for our everyday lives! Jennifer

photo taken by Sean Bilovecky at the Studio of Christine Wisnieski for my last workshop

photo taken by Sean Bilovecky at the Studio of Christine Wisnieski for my last workshop

I hope you’ll consider joining me in my home for what I believe will be a unique and inspired afternoon, well-spent.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’ve got any questions!

Remember, there is only room for 12 people (!!!) so don’t waste any time, get your bestie, get your hubby/wife, and get those tickets now while you can!

With warmth and gratitude (and anticipation!),


My approach to supplements

My approach to supplements

You asked and I’ve finally got it together. Be careful what you ask for! This post is pretty comprehensive! You should consult with your doctor on what supplements are OK for you to take. This is not meant to be prescriptive for anyone. Instead, due to high request, I’m simply sharing my current regimen. Use this as a tool for your own research and as a jumping off point.

TIME: we do have 24 hours each are you spending yours?


So, when I look back upon the beginning of my health journey, I recall one important step I took…I analyzed my time.

To what end? Well, I was sick of hearing myself use the excuse that I “didn’t have time” to workout. I didn’t have time to learn how to eat healthy. In truth, I was a busy parent, wife, runnning a household, a business, etc. etc. . But, these were things I truly and deeply wanted…for myself. I had to figure something out.

So this is what I did:


I wrote out each of the 24 hrs in list form.

I then went through and wrote in what I typically did during each of those hours.

Then, I went back in and wrote out “an ideal day” instead.

Boom. done. Found my time.

It was that simple. When I looked at 24 hrs in my day in this list form, it was easy for me to move things around and say…ok…I don’t have time for myself at all in my day right now. Where can I make some time? For me, I cut out TV. Now the thing is that I must clarify…that TV time, was also some of the only alone time I spent with husband each day. But it wasn’t quality time. We were both depleted. Exhausted. And really just sat and watched TV side-by-side. We aren’t really in sharing mode by that time of day anyway. So, to compensate I realized that I needed to be sure I found other time throughout the week to connect with him (consistent date nights, and daily phone calls, cooking together, getting ready together…we find time).

Mindless TV or mindful time spent alone….Choice wasn’t hard for me.

For an entire 18 months now (I began waking at 4:30 last January and 5:30 am the Summer of 2017) I have been spending my days in line with my goals. Now, I do consistently wake up early but how I spend that time does vary. It always includes workouts but the rest of the time varies between also including:

  • journaling

  • reading

  • meditating

  • studying

  • researching

  • working on my health biz

I highly recommend the practice. What can you give up to gain something bigger for yourself?



with love and gratitude,


Celery Juice How-To


If you follow my wellness account on Instagram, you have likely seen my daily stories about drinking celery juice. It’s one of the best things you can do for your body. I didn’t invent it. I am however, committed to spreading healthy living and wellness information and helping as many people in 2019 as I possibly can. To that end, and for my own accountability, I will continue to share what I can on this amazing act of self-care.

I’m not going to bother re-writing everything better said by the MEDICAL MEDIUM (whom I first learned of celery juicing from), but in Medical Medium, Anthony Williams says celery juice, "is one of the most powerful and healing juices we can drink. Just 16 ounces of fresh celery juice every morning on an empty stomach can transform your health and digestion in as little as one week." I am on a mission to create a healthy gut and microbiome and since I’m not yet a perfectly clean eater or living a toxin-free life, any promises of anti-inflammatory benefits, benefit me!

For the real deal scoop, head HERE.


Ideally, consume celery juice on an empty stomach first thing. It is recommended to have at least 16 oz and to drink immediately after juicing. It is also most effective when on it’s own. Resist the temptation to mix with something else to potentially enhance it’s flavor. If you don’t love it right away, I’m certain you will within a week. I find it incredibly refreshing and delightful.

(I don’t have a juicer any longer so these are directions for a blender but a juicer is of course, great too).

  • Buy organic celery (if using regular celery be sure to wash especially well prior to using).

  • I cut off the end and just the leaves, leaving behind as many stalk bits as otherwise exists.

  • rinse the stalks

  • cut rinsed off stalks into smaller (more blender friendly) pieces unless you have a juicer, in which case, depending on your model, you may prefer the longer stalks.

  • I add a little water, not much, maybe 2-4 oz just to help my blender, blend.

  • blend thoroughly

  • use either a cheesecloth or a fine strainer and bowl to strain the pulp out and push and/or squeeze it to extract as much juice from the pulp as possible.

  • drink and enjoy!



From the Medical Medium’s site:

“…benefits of celery juice for all manner of ills—mental, physical, spiritual, emotional. Celery juice is alkalizing, enzyme-rich, electrolyte-enhancing, liver-repairing, blood-sugar-balancing, antiseptic, and more. 

For the full explanations (honestly way too much to distill here!) go to his site: here.

Autumn In Winter + LIIFT4


WHEN: January 14 - March 10

WHAT: Autumn Calabrese programs: 21-day Fix, 21-day Fix Extreme, select workouts from A Little Obsessed, 80-day Obsession A little more obsessed, then on to the brand new LIVE 21-day fix and LIVE 21-Day fix extreme programs this April! I’ll be creating a calendar and guiding people through Autumn’s programs.


Work through the 8-week LIIFT4 program in this time instead! Coach Maria will guide people through this program.

WHY JOIN: For accountability, community, structure and proven workouts to transform your body and mind.

This group has no associated fee. Is free to join with access to workouts necessary.

If you’re interested, please fill out this form:

Fill out my online form.
Use Wufoo integrations and get your data to your favorite apps.

Join me for VIP EARLY ACCESS: Transform 20


If you follow my Instagram account, then you know that I went through a transformation in the past two years. Yes, I lost the 20+ lbs of baby weight I’d held on to for 2 too many years, but I also, along the way, changed my entire life!

I’ve discovered a new passion for health and wellness. It all started by showing up for myself every day.

I’ve got a new opportunity for you to take the same path I did and transform your life as well.

Given the name of this program, that sounds a bit cheesy but it’s no less true.

TRANSFORM: 20, the new program by Shaun T is going to transoform a lot of lives, through only 20 minutes of workouts each day.

IT'S ALMOST TIME!!!!! The early launch group for Transform: 20, ShaunT's new 20 minute program, starts right after the holidays, but the VIP Early access and step for the program go on sale Monday and they are going to SELL OUT fast. I've got all of the information you need to commit to your continued journey to be your healthiest, happiest self in the New Year.


What is Transform:20?

Transform :20 is a fast, super-intense fitness program created by Super Trainer Shaun T that will transformyour body - and your mind - in just 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week over 6 weeks. Be forewarned - it's hard. But the results will be worth it. Transform :20 is a breakthrough total - body workout without breaks. It's just you, Shaun T, and a Step. After 5 minutes, you'll be out of breath, at 10 minutes you'll be sweating, in 15 minutes you'll belooking at the clock, and by minute 20 you'll be done. You'll blast your core, legs, glutes, and upper body - no weights required. There's a different workout every day, 6 days a week, done in real time with the cast. No do-overs and no repeats.

Shaun broke this up into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 COMMIT

  • Phase 2 Climb 

  • Phase 3 Conquer 

And yes, each phase will start to get harder, but there is a modifier so you can grow with the program! 

In addition to the 32 unique workouts Shaun has for us, you will also get access to 6 bonus workouts with weights and 4 bonus cardio workouts that you can add to your 20 minute commitment if you feel you need or want more some days.

As for nutrition, because we know that’s a huge part of our overall results…


Follow either containers from 21-day fix, 2Bmindset or the transform nutrition guide that comes with your package of information, tells you according to your weight and goal weight, how much of what to eat, a recipe book from ShaunT is included and a tracker....THE TRACKER. You guys, I saw the tracker and can't wait. It's a journal for each day you mark off your water intake, your weight, breakfast, lunch, dinner, shakeology (if applicable), coffee, how many hours you slept and how you feel overall and the best part, each day you check if you laughed or not. I love that! This program is literally so up my alley and it's going to be the most amazing way to start the new year! I can't wait!!!

Each day also has a ShaunT motivational message to keep our head in the game. Along with all of that, you also get a decal wall calendar, you can use a dry eraser so that you can re-use it for the next time you do the program. You get 3 stickers to stick onto your step for each phase you complete. In addition to the accountability group I'll be running for us, ShaunT has a VIP launch group. This will be a private fb group for everyone to go through the 6 weeks with him. He will be going live, posting every day, you are essentially going to be able to connect with him, ask questions, he has an agenda planned out to help all of us through this and to get the most of it. In order to get into this group, you have to be a coach or discount coach (aka, getting the coach discount without having to coach) and you obviously have to purchase the early release program. IF you are not a discount coach and would like to sign up just for this program, I can do that for you as well. Just let me know and I'll make a note to add you.


If you already have Beachbody on demand, there are completion packages, which also allow you to try shakeology just for these 6 weeks to help maximize your results. Or (Performance line: recover, hydrate or energize, because who doesn't need energize to get through a ShaunT program) There will be $20.00 off of those challenge + completion packs for the month of December. So a great time to get a major discount if you have been thinking of trying any of the products.



December 4th is the first day the internet is going to be bursting so I want to make it simple for you to place your order. If you know you want in on this program, mark your calendar now and stay tuned for the sale launch on Monday!. I'll send out an email when everything is live and ready for you to order. I can even help you order to be sure you get the right thing. If you have questions, email me now so we can get them answered this weekend. I will have carts individually created for you and sent out on December 4th, so all you have to do is open your email. I'm SO SO SO excited for this program, it's going to help the winter fly by, and all of us to head into spring healthy, happy and strong (mentally and physically).

My group will officially launch JANUARY 7th. We’ll use that week before the workouts begin to be sure we’ve all got a solid nutrition plan in place and all questions are answered.

Let's have some fun, enjoy some short but very much to the point workouts and enjoy the holidays knowing we already have a plan set in place come January.
OK, What looks like the right package to you? What do you need? What questions do you have for me? I'm here! (well, I'll be in and out tonight and tomorrow but will prioritize time this weekend before the big launch on Monday to be sure to get your Q's answered!)


Fill out my online form.
Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.

WDL READS: Nutrition Books Part 1

Since I’m constantly reading new books, I’ll plan to do this post with some frequency but today I bring you the books I’ve most recently loved and have helped shape my nutrition.

If you’ve followed along on my journey, then you may have picked up on the fact that working out is something that I easily motivate myself to do. Since my journey began nearly 2 years ago, I’ve always found it easier to motivate to work out than I have to motivate to conquer my bad nutrition.

In my case it was TOO MUCH SUGAR. Mostly in the form of bread, carbs and wine. I was not only addicted to sugar (for nearly 40 years no less), I was without many of the baseline kitchen and cooking skills that most people my age had long developed. The combo kept me too overwhelmed and intimidated. But, no less, I dabbled here and there over the first 18 months of my health journey. I calorie counted. I did diets. I practiced cooking. Little by little, I gained more and more knowledge and more and more confidence. I read tons and tons of nutrition books throughout this time.

My nutrition journey is so much more stable than it’s ever been EVER before in my life. But, it’s far from over. I learned to overcome carbs. I did this by leaning into good fats and proteins following the Ketogenic diet approach: high fat, moderate protein, low carb.

But, given the evidence of the China Study, which a friend recently reminded me, and a talk I recently saw Dr. Roizen give, I’m drifting towards an - at minimum - curiosity about going VEGAN. I’m not there yet, so I’ve just ordered a number of books to help explore different points of view.

Bottom line: my nutrition journey is far from over! But please know that these are the books that got me this far….and “this far” is a HUGE improvement from where I had been.

That all said, In the meantime, I’ve also become a huge proponent of intermittent fasting and ill share more on that at another time but that has been a big change that I practice DAILY since August 2018

These are the most impactful books I’ve read to help make the case for this way of eating:

GENIUS FOODS by Max Lugavere

This is probably one of my fave health books ever. Cognitive function - improving the present state of it and preventing it’s future degeneration - is something I’m deeply concerned about and a top motivator for me. I had previously been drawn to a high fat diet from Mark Hyman’s book and Bulletproof diet leans that way as well but this really underscored it for me.

EAT FAT, GET THIN by Mark Hyman

I read this book more like 2+ years ago and it was the first i’d learned of a high fat hierarchy to macros. I would like to re-read, given i’ve learned so much more since first reading this, but today, I drink potato starch twice daily because of learning of it’s benefits in this book.


I turned to this book over the summer when I gave up alcohol for nearly 4 months. Initially my cravings were unreal. I was feeling seriously challenged by cravings in a way I’d never known. As a lifelong sugar/carb addict, that’s saying a lot. This book was tremendously helpful. I learned about amino acids and got on a supplement protocal right away that knocked those cravings right out! It was remarkably effective!

Bulletproof diet By dave asprey

I just like this guy. I read this book about 18 months ago for the first time and pick it up and re-read bits and parts now and again. Of course its where i learned of bulletproof coffee, a staple of mine, and also about some of the supplements I take. Beyond that, it’s really where my interest in “hacking the body” was born. I don’t really use that word (hacking) but I want my body to perform and function as it’s meant to and that desire was born out of reading this book and of all the ways it can so easily go awry!

LIver Rescue By Anthony William

Admittedly, I’ve not yet read this but after reading about it, I ordered it. I often worry about my liver between years of alcohol consumption and more than that -years of toxic chemicals making their way into my body through deodorants, detergents and so much more. This book seems super fascinating and important! I ordered it today!

30-day ketogenic cleanse By maria emmerich

I did not do the 30-day cleanse portion of this book but I regularly make recipes from it and the first section of this book is SO HELPFUL in learning about the benefits of ketogenic but also where I became convinced and inspired to do Intermittent fasting! LOVE this book.

A few others on my nightstand not yet read or on my list include:

High Vibrational Beauty By Kerrilynn Pamer + Cindy Diprima Morisse

I JUST bought myself this (as a form of self-care in and of itself!) while visiting the new Room Service last week! So far, I’m enjoying all the little rituals and tips, haven’t yet delved into any recipes but there are many!

life-changing foods By anthony william

I just borrowed this from my mom. She loved it and it looked really useful!

Recommendations are always welcome! Please, tell me! What are you reading/loving?

Feng Shui Basics for Interior Design WORKSHOP recap!

photo by  sean bilovecky

A month ago I had the pleasure of teaching a workshop on Feng Shui for Interior Design. My friend Christine, of The Studio of Christine Wisnieski, has been (in addition to their creative design business) producing a creative workshop series for a few years now and I was thrilled to be invited to teach on a topic I'm passionate about. 

Interior design is a challenge for many. Feng Shui may come with a lot of connotations and (frankly) misconceptions, but at a fundamental level, it's full of really useful tools to help you make interior design decisions more confidently. 

These tools prove really useful for people with decision fatigue and overwhelm from having to make too many design decisions for their home.

photo by  sean bilovecky

The workshop was 3 hours. My feeling was that it was one hour too long. Each hour is jam-packed with tips and tricks and our brain's lose focus after 90-120 minutes based on our body's ultradian rhythms. So, I'm thinking about the content for a part 2 to offer to the attendees of the first workshop, but also think the next offering will actually be a two-class package. More on this in the new year but in the meantime, I'm just so so happy with how the first class went. The feedback was awesome! 

Here are a few quotes from attendees:

"Captivating and informative! Refreshing to dialogue about how design relates to our day to day goal setting and emotional well being! - Jacob Holland Creative Director Event Source jacob.simon.holland
The evening was so INSPIRING!! I can't wait to put what I leaned into action and make my home a place that truly supports my goals and dreams!! -Deana
Danielle presented the elements and the yin yang concepts in a way that helped me apply them to any room to achieve the balance and harmony I seek. So often I know a room needs "something but what". I feel like the tools she shared will help me achieve that sense of a room 'feeling right" Thank you!! Angie
The entire workshop was extremely informative and very useful for our everyday lives! Jennifer
photo by  sean bilovecky
photo by  sean bilovecky
photo by  sean bilovecky
photo by  sean bilovecky
photo by  sean bilovecky

The attendees were all so awesome! Everyone arrived excited and interested. They asked smart (very smart!) questions and kept me on my toes!

There is a lot of content to share. I tried to structure the lessons in a way that helped all attendees see their home in these lessons and tools and I think they did! Anyway, it was a joy for me and I can't wait to do it again!

So listen, more to come in the future FOR SURE! In the meantime, keep an eye on Instagram and on our newsletters (sign up for our newsletters includes a FREE Feng Shui basics toolkit PDF).

DSI Design Dispatch: Catskills, NY

Well, today we're back with the last installment of our DSI Design Dispatch series! It has been so fun collaborating with Lizzy and traveling (vicariously) with her all Summer long! I hope you enjoyed the series, it was such a joy for me and I kinda want to join her family, they're just so fun and adventurous!

Today, Lizzy reports back on her recent trip to the Catskills, NY. Lizzy, THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking us on your journey's this Summer! 




From Lizzy:

Retailers want us to believe that it’s Halloween and Christmas is just around the corner but I just can’t seem to get on their schedule, especially when my weather feed is predicting 90º highs for the next five days. If you’d like to extend summer with me little longer, let’s take a blog trip to the Catskills on this last official day of Summer.


The town of Delhi (pronounced Del-High) has managed to stay below the radar of vacationing New Yorkers. It hasn’t yet undergone the boutique chic transformation of other Catskill towns like Hudson, Phoenicia, and recently, Livingston Manor. Still, Delhi has a cute Main Street with a farmers market and town festivals, interesting shops, my favorite tiny grocery that carries everything we need for the weekend, and buzz-worthy farm-to-table restaurants nearby. Transformation/gentrification (and everything that comes with it) has been slow to come to Delhi but it’s coming. Several years ago, the locals were flabbergasted when a store opened up on Main Street selling $850 bespoke stoneware lamps. 

Tjalling’s house is beautiful and personal and the epitome of hygge.

Tjalling’s house is beautiful and personal and the epitome of hygge.

My family has been making trips to this part of the Catskills (3 hours from NYC) for the past 10 years, to visit my sister who’s husband grew up here. Because, Delhi is off the radar, it’s rental property stock is pretty slim. This year we rented a house that came with the owner. We had met Tjalling once before, a family friend and a builder from the Netherlands who moved to Catskills and built a home for himself thirty years ago. We had not seen his house but we needed a place to stay and he enjoyed company of others so we struck a deal over emails, took a leap of faith, and made a new friend.

living room detail.

living room detail.

staircases leading to the bedroom silo.

staircases leading to the bedroom silo.

view from Tjalling’s deck.

view from Tjalling’s deck.

Much of the weekend action is centered around the property my b.i.l. grew up on, their lake and all of the friends and family that come back every summer. These trips are a special opportunity for our children to run around and spend time with their cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandmothers. The days fill up easily with swimming, paddling, and exploring. Our kids take riding lessons at a nearby Icelandic pony stable. And the adults keep busy cooking up nightly dinner parties.


Weekend getaways are an easy way to stretch out summer just a little bit longer. There is no reason why we can’t keep swimming and grilling while the weather is still nice. I hope you find your Catkills this weekend. It may even be in your backyard. 

Happy summering through September!



Break out the bubbly! It's our 1st Birthday!


Time definitely is a funny thing! Some days, it feels like we've been doing this for ever and other days, like we launched "DeBoe Studio Interiors" just yesterday.

Despite my having unofficially been consulting since selling my last store in 2013, today marks ONE YEAR to the day since launching our residential services.

A lot has certainly happened over the year. A lot has stayed the same and a lot more has changed. The biggest evolution to our business is still up our sleeves but we'd love to share some highlights from the past year.

{Before doing so, I'd like to take a moment to say my heart goes out to everyone living in London. I woke to the news of yet another terrorist attack there and it broke my heart and caused me so much concern.}

The Year Ahead


Before we recap the best of our first year, we want to once again say THANK YOU to everyone who filled out our Questionnaire last week. {We'll be keeping it open just through the weekend if you care to fill it out.}

As you know, we'll be continuing our regular design services  but also a new category of Mindful Modern Living products and services as well! We asked YOU what you wanted and needed and YOU are helping to shape these exciting new products. 

E-Books, Webinars and Workshops are all in the works and we are very excited about this new chapter. We look forward to connecting with more of you over the course of the year to come! Again, thank you for all of your support! In lieu of another video, I'll just say, thank you for your help, I'll be offering a really useful new tools to you all soon. In celebration of both that and our birthday, the first of which are FREE!


On Tuesday, I shared a FREE MINI WORKBOOK about the Five Elements. Well today, I've got one more Free workbook for you!  Both can be download below:

  • Learn about the FIVE ELEMENTS here. {PDF DOWNLOAD}
  • Sneak Peek into Yin + Yang + Energy Flow known as Ch'i here. {PDF DOWNLOAD}

Now that we've taken a moment to look to the present and future, we also wanted to share some of the BEST of our past year. I hope you enjoy the stroll down memory lane as much as I did!

Our Top Instagram Posts of our First Year

Our Top Blog Posts of the Year 

Well, this one was very nearly a tie, so I'll list the top two! First up, COUNTER CULTURE was the top post:

The backsplash tile post was a close second.


We aren't too surprised by these results as we know a lot of you had kitchen reno's on the mind this year!

And that is another exciting evolution of our business this year. A few months into offering our residential design services, we also rolled out our renovation services and have helped clients to:

  • Completely rethink their kitchens, changing the footprint and floor plan as well as the counters and cupboards. 
  • Expand master bathrooms
  • Add master bathrooms where there weren't any before
  • Add on a mudroom
  • Re-imagine the exterior front porch
  • Re-imagine and design an exterior back patio retreat
  • Design a new garage
  • Reimagine a new kitchen and family room 
  • and more!

Speaking of renovations, we haven't had any of them photographed yet and in fact only one is even completed! BUT! We'll have one photographed to share soon! Promise!

MVP Service

One of our most popular services is our E-DESIGN service. Over the past year we designed foyers, kitchens, bedrooms and lots of living rooms! We designed rooms in upstate New York, New York City, Ellicotville New York (hello, NY thanks for the support!), Connecticut, and all over Northeast Ohio. Here are a few of our favorite mock-ups from just a few of our E-Design clients:

Well, it's been a busy year and so much fun to stroll through it with you! It just made me so excited for all the new stuff I plan to share in the coming year.  Also! we've got a comments section now, please leave a message if you have any comments or questions! We'd love to hear from you!

Thank you again! Your support is always so very appreciated!

My best,


The TOP 3 Tools in my Mindful Modern Living Toolkit {Yours, for FREE!}


Thank you so much to anyone who filled out my online questionnaire. I'll be keeping it open for a little while longer (the results are just so helpful!) so feel free to head over to it and take the 5 minutes to fill it out if you're so inclined. 

Today, I wanted to share another video.

In this video, I am going to elaborate on some of the tools that I think can help anyone - from novice to design enthusiast to a pro designer - get a home interior project over the finish line. 

So, what was the NUMBER ONE issue stated in one way or another in the questionnaire?

Most people struggle to get any interior design project "over the finish line".

The reasons for that struggle varied a little but mostly came down to one or a combination of these things:

  • time
  • budget
  • decision fatigue
  • overwhelm 

The other thing that came through in this questionnaire was:

An open-minded enthusiasm for these new Feng Shui services, or at least learning more about them.

Well, the good news there is that these services are actually a great solution to the first problem, of getting your design projects completed!

I have some practical and easy-to-implement tools that can actually help anyone get any project over the finish line. And I'm going to share them with you for FREE

In the following video, I'll share the top three tools I use to take all of my design projects over the finish line.

I'll definitely go deeper on these tools in my upcoming workshop over at the Studio of Christine Wisnieski and attendees there will actually get personalized advice for their individual homes but these mini lessons can definitely get anyone started. 

To access a mini-workbook of my first (and favorite!) of three tricks I employ to create and ensure a room is balanced, Click HERE for your FREE downloadable PDF.

Danielle's powder room: the plan!


This is one of those projects which has had 87 versions in my head since we've moved in and for one reason or another (mostly lack of time and priority, if I'm honest) never pulled the trigger on any. 

And I'm glad for that! 

This is a room off of our back door (most used) entrance to our house. It's a crowded thoroughfare where the big back door, the door to the powder room, an abnormally large door to the basement, the entry to the kitchen, AND kitchen overflow cabinets, microwave and counter all fight for space and attention. 

It has been painted with white primer and left for dead, pretty much. 

Any decision back here impacts all others and I know you guys get this. In fact, the way decisions all tie to a million other decisions is one of the number one reasons people hire us. Even people with design savvy of their own will call us in because they got caught in the web of decisions and couldn't get themselves out. The dirty secret of designers is that it happens to us too! 

It doesn't really happen so much when we're working for clients. There is a cool detachment that allows us to see more clearly. But when we're working on our own homes, we often belabor making final decisions. Just the fact that I simply don't have the time in my day to think about my own home is mostly the culprit. I've spend the day's creative capital on client projects (as the case ought to be!) and just don't have much left to think about my own home projects (something about the cobblers kids not having any shoes?). But I figured if I built this project into my work day I could knock it out and so I have.

A few things have finally advanced this project.

  1. I can't take it in its current unfinished state for one.more.second.
  2. I have defined a color palette - which I'll explain below 
  3. I have finally decided upon a wallpaper - pictured above. found here.

I am going to share the "before before" pics (as pictured on the real estate listing for the house) in another post when the room is all complete. For now, I just wanted to show the moodboard for the finished room.


So, there are a couple things at play when I think of what I want any room to be. First, I assess the room from a Feng Shui perspective. I look at the Feng Shui Bagua map and determine what area of my life this room is associated with (based on it's location within the floor plan of the home). This room (along with the den next door to this room) is associated with my Love and Marriage gua AND also a bit of my Fame and Reputation gua. When deliberately enhancing any gua, you don't have to do any of the Feng Shui recommendations. The most important thing, which trumps any Feng Shui guideline or recommendation is that you LOVE the space and the choices. (So, don't paint a room blue if you don't like the color blue!) 

It happens that pinks and whites are good colors for the Love and Marriage gua and red is good for fame and reputation. Since blush was a color I've been considering for this area since the beginning, I felt my instincts were already sound and I just needed to use these guidelines as a way to narrow down and eliminate some of other previous considerations. Because both the bathroom and back area needed a new treatment, I determined that I wanted one of the two to get painted and one to be wallpapered so I didn't have these two separate but oh-so-close spaces both painted. The back entry area has sloping ceilings and some imperfections that I don't want to draw attention towards but rather away from, so the solution there will be interesting, but I'll save for another post! 

So, I wanted the space to get a treatment which felt "classic" yet have some aspect to it that is unexpected, fun or playful as this has guided decisions throughout the entire home so far. I didn't want it too serious at all. But, I'm aiming for most big/key decisions to be rooted in a classic style. 

I think the blush gingham wallpaper with pops of black and red will support both feng shui guas AND be just my style! win-win!

I am drawn to soft and pretty but at the end of the day require saturation and contrast to feel gooood about a space. I like a little drama, what can I say?! The art will probably be different. I don't like to force or rush art, but in the meantime, as a big Rifle Paper Co fan, I think this print is a good solution! Ideally, in the Love + Marriage gua, I'd have a pair of something. So, I'm ultimately keeping my eye out for a pair of prints or artwork, or maybe even just a pair of candles for up on a shelf. Not sure about that yet. Since it's a small space, we don't need much, but we do need a stool for our toddler to use the potty, so this Ikea one is a great solution. 

Below is a view of the back door area as seen on the real estate listing. The bathroom door is open as much as it will go because there was a sink in this tiny bathroom which was too big (deep) for the space and the door would hit it and not be able to open any further. 

So, that we remedied right away with a really shallow (9", I think?!) sink and cabinet (from Ikea). To class it up, we found a slab of marble cut to be a backsplash. We bought that round gold-framed Target mirror that everyone I know has and painted it from brown to cream. Then promptly left it for dead, unfinished. 

In this photo, you can see the tiny bath across the back entry. photo was taken from kitchen. This entire zone shares a black tile floor and all ultimately need to "play nice" together.

In this photo, you can see the tiny bath across the back entry. photo was taken from kitchen. This entire zone shares a black tile floor and all ultimately need to "play nice" together.

Once the entire area is completed I'll share better before and after pics of the entire space. For now, I just wanted to share the plan for the half bath. Up next we'll share the separate, but coordinating, plan for the above back door area.

Stay tuned!

And, thank you for stopping by!


ANNOUNCING MY WORKSHOP: Feng Shui Basics: Mindful Modern Interiors


I am BEYOND excited to announce my first workshop! I am going to be hosted by The Studio of Christine Wisnieski to teach Feng Shui Basics as part of their ongoing creative workshop series. It's an honor to be able to share my passion for the intersection of modern interiors and an ancient Chinese philosophy I've been practicing for nearly two decades now. 

Feng Shui Basics | Mindful Modern Interiors


Date: October 18, 2017
Class Time: 6–9pm
Location: Studio of Christine Wisnieski
Class Size: 13

Students will learn some core practices of Form School Feng Shui, the school of study I've been practicing for 18 years and have trained in. I have been trained by one of the foremost authorities of Western Form School Feng Shui and have married my love of Interior design to my passion for wellness and the result is a powerful and modern approach to this ancient Chinese philosophy. 

Students will learn how to see their environments differently and to use these powerful techniques toward creating a harmonious environment. The approach we'll learn is modern, fresh and easily adaptable. These are some fundamental tools of interior design as well as Feng Shui, all can be used uniquely by anyone to become more powerful in their lives.

Students will arrive with a simple hand-drawn or computer-generated floor plan of their home, (an example will be provided as part of a lead up email we send out to attendees). We'll use to your floor plan to create custom feng shui maps, one of the most powerful tools you can use to enhance your life as well as to inform your design choices (such as paint color, furniture layout, and selection). You'll go home with not just a custom map but a customized list of enhancement recommendations.   

Each student will leave with a full-color workbook brimming with modern tips, tricks and tools they can reference and apply on their own, once back at home. The workbook will include a variety of examples and inspiration for your quick reference as well as specific ways to enhance your: wealth and prosperity, love and marriage, health and career along with several other key areas of focus in one's life. 

Students will also leave with a beautiful and unique crystal and a better understanding of how these beautiful elements can be used to enhance their lives. 


Who this is for: design lovers, interior fanatics, wellness warriors and pretty much anyone looking to make a big change in their life from attracting a life partner to more financial stability.


Some people consider Feng Shui and may or may not even think "I don't believe in it". But, I don't believe that's the right way to consider Feng Shui. It's not a religion. It's not magic. There is nothing mystical. There are a lot of misconceptions and indeed there are many different "schools" (or ways to consider/apply) of Feng Shui, but what it all boils down to is "balance and harmony".

Do you believe in balance and harmony?

Do you want more of it in your life? Most of us do. But most of us don't realize there is another way, other than just making yourself crazy doing it all (or being too tired to think about it) to find balance and harmony in your life. 

And if you're already working on or ever spend any amount of time and money on your home, then you don't really even have to "add" more things to think about to your day, just make the time you're already spending work smarter and harder for you. 

A friend I recently did a home assessment for told me that one of the greatest take aways was the way that it helped whittle down decisions and narrow the field of options. It gave her a better function or sense of direction with some of the design decisions she was already spending energy (and money) making.

I'll teach you how to "SEE" with "Feng Shui eyes". How to create harmony in your home (and subsequently, your life) by creating a more balanced environment. Often times the best solutions are already found amongst your existing items, we just do a little rearranging of furniture and/or art and you'll instantly feel the difference! Even the simplest of changes can have an extremely powerful impact on your life. 


We'll learn how to see our environments differently and to use powerful techniques toward creating a harmonious environment. We'll learn:

  • We'll learn about how to best approach the interior design of our homes or any space, talking about the order in which to work, the best way to determine the floor plan, and color-selection. We'll learn about Ch'i, or positive energy flow, and how to enhance it in our environments.
  • What the heck "yin + yang" is really all about and how to see our environments through that lens
  • About the five elements and how to use our knowledge of elemental cycles to enhance our homes
  • We'll learn about the Feng Shui map (the bagua map) and how to apply it to our homes to enhance specific areas of our lives such as our wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, love and marriage, creativity and children, health and family, knowledge and self-cultivation, career and helpful people and travel.
  • We'll have a cursory lesson on the power of crystals and how to use them as decor in a modern way. 

What will you leave with?

  • We'll create custom maps for each of your homes and you'll all leave with a personalized enhancement recommendations list. 
  • A gorgeous and unique crystal and a list of ways to use it once you get back home!
  • A full-color workbook FULL of tips, tricks and tools that you're bound to dog-ear, bookmark, drawn in, plan in, and read over and over for life! 

There are only 13 tickets available. They've just gone on sale, I do hope you'll snatch one up before they're gone! I really hope you'll be there! 

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to email me personally at: danielle (at)

DSI Design Dispatch: Umbria, Italy

We were traveling to the Niccone Valley on the Tuscany/Umbria border in central Italy to celebrate my husband's aunt, Andrea's 75th birthday. Andrea is an inspiring architect, professor, mentor, and maternal figure to her niece and nephews—our kids call her "Grandandy." To celebrate her birthday, Andrea invited her family and friends to vacation with her at a mountain-top villa in Umbria. I've known her exactly half of my life and she has been a constant professional and personal inspiration and aesthetic kindred spirit. 

Getting here was not easy. After a couple of plane rides, a slow local train ride, a rental car ride (all during a Europe-wide heat wave named "Lucifer") we came to this stone country house on top of an ancient hillside. I knew that we would be in for a treat—architects know how to pick beautiful vacation locales but the stunning beauty of this spot couldn't have been anticipated. This house is one of three stone structures that were restored twenty years ago to create Altabella Villas. Here are the photos of the house before the kid-wreck ;)

Two story stone house with 2 bedrooms/2 bathroom units on each floor.

Two story stone house with 2 bedrooms/2 bathroom units on each floor.

The terra-cotta floor, stone walls, and wooden shutters kept us comfortable through the heatwave.

The terra-cotta floor, stone walls, and wooden shutters kept us comfortable through the heatwave.

Master bedroom.

Master bedroom.

Ingredients for the perfect Italian country bedroom: wood, terra-cotta, wool, cotton…

Ingredients for the perfect Italian country bedroom: wood, terra-cotta, wool, cotton…

The kids' room.

The kids' room.

Our kitchen for the week (notice the four espresso makers on the shelf).

Our kitchen for the week (notice the four espresso makers on the shelf).

Wisteria covered trellis for our family meals.

Wisteria covered trellis for our family meals.

The best way for everyone to stay cool during "Lucifer."

The best way for everyone to stay cool during "Lucifer."

One day, we arranged a tour of Azienda Apistic Montecorona, an apiary (bee farm) that our house hostess told us about in nearby Umbertide. Señor Palombi is a retired science teacher and 4th generation beekeeper. His tour (entirely in Italian) was a big hit with the kids despite the language barrier. My bet is that S. Palombi was an amazing teacher in his day.

I would love one or two of these in my backyard. 

I would love one or two of these in my backyard. 

Señor Palombi showing us a demonstration hive. 

Señor Palombi showing us a demonstration hive. 

The kids made beeswax candles from molds. 

The kids made beeswax candles from molds. 

Beauty in beekeeping.

Beauty in beekeeping.

On market day, we made a day trip to the town of Gubbio to do some shopping, eat, and explore this medieval town built into the mountainside. I can't recommend Gubbio in the middle of a heatwave, but seeking AC (if you can find it) and gelato helps! I would love to come back in cooler temperatures. Gubbio is home to the "Festa die Ceri" and "Corsa die Ceri" in May—a packed, uphill, "strongman" race of giant wooden "candles." watch it here!

Gubbio, Umbria

Gubbio, Umbria

Our days were filled with lazy lunches, afternoon swims, and outdoor sunset dinners that were followed by stargazing (and a wild boar sighting one night!). Driving along the Niccone Valley, weaving in and out of Tuscany and Umbria, we passed by sunflower and tobacco fields, fruit orchards, micro-vineyards and olive groves tumbling off hillsides. On our first day in Umbria we already knew we would be back.