Furniture Favorites: FOYER / ENTRYWAY pieces

Here at DSI, we are finding the upcoming holidays have been a big motivator for our clients to finally give their homes the refresh they'd been craving for it. Currently as part of larger projects, we are working on foyer/entryway refreshes for two different clients (with two totally different styles!). We are not ready to share those projects just yet as we haven't yet finished and/or shared with our clients but we are going to share some of our favorite affordable entryway pieces we've uncovered throughout our research this week.

We've included options for spaces big and small and naturally, these aren't just useful for your foyer. For example, I'd like to use two of the floating drawers as nightstands or that corner unit in a bathroom. More than a few of these could work in a living room or as an upstairs hallway table too.

Of course there are endless options out there, these are just 10 to have caught our eye.


(all sources linked by number)

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Just remember when shopping for furniture online to measure your space twice and double check the dimensions of the piece twice. Also, don't be surprised if you get it and it seems smaller/bigger or even well, crappier in person. Online is not the ideal way to shop for furniture. But if you live in a city that is still lacking some of the bigger name stores you love or if you really need a good deal... online is your best bet. 

Though don't forget to mix it up too! We always recommend a good flea market or estate sale to help ensure your home feels unique to you. 

Enjoy your week!

My best,