Decision and Inspiration Fatigue


Decision fatigue. 

Pinterest fatigue.

We get it. 

What's most frustrating about it, especially if you've just moved into a new home, is how darn unrelenting all those decisions are! Am I right?!! You think you've made progress with a few key decisions only to realize that there are literally hundreds still to make! 

Colors, furniture, lighting, fabrics...solid? pattern? sectional or two sofas??!?! gahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen, we understand. We are here, we can help. Lots of our clients LOVE designing their homes and are really good at it, themselves. But decision fatigue sets in because they just think about their one house all the time and get overwhelmed with indecision. 

E-design is a great service for clients who can do it themselves but just want someone to expedite the process. We can come in, with fresh eyes and tap into what you're hoping for but perhaps, more importantly, cut out all the superfluous options and zero in on the right look for you and your space. 

“ Thank you! Thank you! You pushed things in a playful way that I wouldn’t have thought to but it totally makes sense for our family and our art. You have great taste and you have a great read on people!....Good Luck as you start your online practice.

with thanks and admiration,


(an e-design client from Connecticut)

fabrics, furniture, magazines, pinterest, can all get pretty overwhelming don't you think?

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