Thanksgiving Tablescapes


Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? If so, you've probably spent a little time thinking about your tablescape. If you haven't yet, then this post may be just what you need!

This year, for the first time in my life, we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house! I am so excited about it and really looking forward to it. Also, I haven't prepped one.single.thing. I have no idea what I am making vs. what my guests are bringing and am so busy trying to balance general household maintenance, work, family time and now the holidays...I really don't know when I will have the time for designing a tablescape.  


So, I decided that this year I am not going to stress about it. 

I have determined a fool-proof way to make my table look stunning and WITH NO EXTRA EFFORT on my part!! Brilliant, right?

So what is this magical solution? 

F L O W E R S.....arranged by someone else!!!

To share this idea with you, we worked with the ladies over at Lush & Lovely Floristry to create a moody centerpiece which reflected the holiday season. It's as simple as calling them up and placing the order. A centerpiece big enough to make the impact we're striving for is $100-$200 depending on size...But I don't have to go shopping, I don't have to spend money buying stuff I'd likely only use for this occasion and I don't have to do anything.

Sometimes, making your life just a little bit prettier is also making it just a little bit easier. 

With a centerpiece like this, you don't need much else! Below are a few of my other "go-to" tricks that I am relying upon this year. 

Tips for creating a low-stress but high-impact tablescape:

  • Create a "bar". Use a sideboard or other occasional table if you don't already own a bar cart and create a space dedicated to your holiday spirits. This is both festive looking and totally useful as it is so accessible.
  • Use your food as your supplemental table decor. AM I RIGHT?!! I mean, pies are beautiful! don't hide them in the kitchen waiting for that special time to come out later. Use them in your tablescape. They are festive, beautiful, appropriate and smell delightful too!
  • Along the same lines as using food like pies, is using other food as decor. Such as bowls of cranberries as shown above. I also love kumquats or oranges and definitely a bowl of nuts. Again, they are festive-looking and season-appropriate.
  • If you offer your guests "favors" include them on the table before hand for a little added whimsy. Also, don't drive yourself crazy thinking up the most charming favor or baking individual little cookies for everyone. I know we'll be having pie for dessert but I like the packaging (and price!) of these little seasonally-flavored candy bars. It's just a little something.
  • Bust out all of your fave glassware! That stuff you received for your wedding but generally lives in a cupboard? Liberate it and use it for your Thanksgiving table but also throughout the entire season!
  • Save money and use your year-round linens. I say, let the flowers and home made desserts be the stars of your table. In the photos shown here, I'm just using my own natural linen napkins and runner with my hand-woven round wicker placemats.

So, I did not buy seasonal linens. I did not buy candle sticks and/or new vases. I did not buy new holiday-themed plates. I did not buy special cake stands or any other decorative elements. Just flowers. Just food. paired with everyday stuff.

all photos by: Suzuran Photography


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{The concept and sentiments behind this post are our own. We received the floral arrangements as part of the marketing efforts of Lush & Lovely Floristry, which is a business we love and support.}