2017 Trend Report


As 2016 comes to a close and we head into a new year, we find ourselves looking back and looking forward and in doing so, several trends emerge. 

But there is an important point we'd like to highlight before we reveal 2017's trends. 

Trends are simply patterns. NOT rules.

We, like many others of you, find ourselves drawn towards many of the exciting new trends and likewise turned off by those on their way out. BUT, we don't adhere to these as hard and fast rules. We'll continue to use elements on the "out" list and may not embrace all of the "in" trends. It's just fun to take a closer look. It may account for why you're no longer inclined toward one thing or considering another...

First, let's look at what is headed our way...

GREEN GREEN GREEN - So, yes. Green. First of all, Pantone announced their color of the year, "Greenery". I must concede, I'm not entirely sold. Or at least I wasn't sold until I found the below two uses of it to great success. But as far as green goes, It's not just this bright Spring hue that's trending up this year it's also the darker hues. The jewel tones (see below).

Pantone 2017 Color of the year "Greenery" ( left image / right image )

Pantone 2017 Color of the year "Greenery" (left image/right image)

GREENERY/INDOOR PLANTS - in general, this is not a "trend". But certain plants are trending down (see below), while others, like the BLACK OLIVE TREE, are trending up. WAY UP in our books! We're already ordering for our own home and looking at which client projects could benefit from this beautiful tree. I think the continued use of indoor plants/trees and the increase in it is partially in response to the level of stress we're all experiencing related to so much negativity happening in the world right now.

RETREATS/MEDITERRANEAN - Speaking of stress influencing trends (and of olives)...The Mediterranean is a big inspiration this year. Our homes are our sanctuaries more than ever. We'll be seeing that come through in decor this year more than ever, too. Clay, terracotta, indoor plants (hello olive trees!), wood tiles and wicker. it's not quite the bohemian looks we've been seeing, it's a little more authentic feeling in 2017. Like, you're actually on a retreat...in the Mediterranean. I'm on board!


ACRYLIC/LUCITE - All clear everything! I think clear accented with gold is going to be particularly big.  I LOVE it. In July I ordered lucite and brass window hardware. By November, I eventually gave up and had to cancel the order as it continued to be on back order for more months (a nod to the popularity of this trend) and I couldn't wait any longer. But, not just in hardware (though that is going to be more prevalent) but all manner of furniture is being used in some of the most aspirational room designs these days. What do you think?

MOODY BLUES/JEWEL TONES - we've already mentioned jewel tones but it's important enough to give it it's own section. Rich moody blues in the kitchens, in bedrooms, in bathrooms is really increasing in popularity. Additionally, the other jewel tones are continuing into 2017 as well. It's happening and it's everything. We LOVE it! 

and just a few more JEWEL TONE examples...


CORK - Cork is trending...I'm into it but haven't used it myself just yet. I don't know.  Some of the cork furniture I've seen is pretty inspiring, though! Are you into it?

So, again...this is just a fun look at what's happening in design as we head into 2017. Don't be too worried if you're not into a good trend or if you've just invensted on one of those listed below. 

And now, let's look at what is headed out...

I'm just going to give these one photo and a quick list. 

  • MARBLE - again, it's not that it's not a nice choice. It's beautiful. I will personally never, not love it. I like dramatic and rich interiors and marble is all that and then some. But, once everything you see is being sold in marble (toothbrush holders to vases to furniture to art depicting marble to more classic uses in the kitchen and bath) it's simply, everywhere! Design-forward (read trend-setting) businesses and purveyors are just naturally going to pull back from using too much of it.
  • SUBWAY TILES - I know. you just added them! Don't rip them down. They are classic. They have been around forever and will be around forever. But, we all must recognize that they are utterly ubiquitous at this point. Every new restaurant uses them. Every kitchen and bath remodel for the last several years highlighted it. I will always love it and still regret not getting an opportunity to use it with black grout in any personal projects (my own kitchen came with white tile/white grout), but for most new projects moving forward, I'll likely look for alternatives. (but WILL still use it, too because again, no rules)
  • COPPER/ROSE GOLD - look, gold - gold is sticking around, we're all safe there. But....copper and rose gold came up in a furry and will go down the same way. It's over. move on. It's totally fine...we've still got gold.
  • FIDDLE LEAF FIGS - This one, mostly just because it too is so ubiquitous at this point. Green and greenery and plants are not just here to stay but stay in a big way. This particular variety may be a touch over-used. Good news, though! There are some exciting alternatives on the other side of this trend report. 
  • SOFT PASTELS - While moody and jewel tones are everything, there are some still lighter colors making a strong stand in 2017 but the lithe sweet softest of them, not as much. They feel a little unrealistic. A little too sweet right now. Maybe it doesn't fit the mood of the world as well as "moody" tones do.
  • ALL WHITE ROOMS - If you're in Scandinavia and or a Paris loft, I think you'll get a pass. But otherwise, all white rooms tend to just lack depth. More and more people are choosing (again) those rich jewel tones and blues. If you are using all white backdrop, be sure to add lots of layers (wall art, throws, baskets, plants) to give the space more texture.

So there it is, folks! Don't take it too seriously, it's all just for fun anyway!


Wishing you all a very happy holiday, We'll be back in the New Year!

My best,