Built-in Bookcases - humble heroes

Today, we are sharing built-in bookcases that we love. Mostly classic in style, some with a modern touch, others in bold colors, ALL fabulous!

I've been researching bookcases and how they're painted for a recommendation for a client. But, while at it, also for my own home since we'll soon be replacing our current built-ins (not original to our 1928 house) this year.

Built-in bookcases, to me, are the humble heroes of many a room. Humble in that they are simply the guardian of books. They maintain what is for many, a precious collection. They're simply made from wood - a humble enough material, but they are, in my estimation, heroes as well. Heroes, in that these simple structures, once filled with books and collectibles and illuminated by the occasional hard-wired sconce, can provide jaw-dropping impact on an otherwise simple space. They can also be quite fussy with their lacquered paint finishes and sconces but even then, they're still just bookcases, not a velvet sofa or gilded table. Just a vessel for books. Oh how I love them! (books and bookcases, that is!)

For my own home bookcase project, I fear we can never achieve this level of sophistication because our den - where we are replacing the current built-ins - is the room we watch our TV in. Our ginormous TV. So our own bookcases need to accommodate the antithesis of a humble hero...a TV. womp womp. Oh well, Maybe our master bedroom or dining room could get built-ins like these?!?! Until I figure it out, I'll hope for another client to come along who is ready for such an impact in their own home and would like our inspired help! 

Aren't these just gorgeous?!!!! Rhetorical question, of course! because OF COURSE THEY ARE!!!!

And, we'll take one more look at The Makerista's fabulous front room bookshelves, which she had custom made for the space because they're my absolute favorite!!! Such love for this color!

Which is your favorite? Do you have built-ins in your home? Do you want to add them? let's talk about it over on Instagram!