Danielle's house 1 year later: playroom


We're back with another update on the progress over at Danielle's little colonial. She is going to give us the scoop on what is now her daughter's playroom, starting with the realtor photos then some in between progress up to where it is now. 

Hello! Welcome back to another tour of the progress on my family's colonial. The last few months haven't seen much progress over here with holidays and birthdays and work distractions, but we did do a notable refresh to this one room early on.

A bedroom on our 2nd floor began as my office but as Penny got older and able to play with more types of toys, she needed a dedicated playspace and this room became the solution!

Below are realtor pictures of this room from the house's listing. This room was a cute little boy's bedroom. When we moved in it was empty, except the wood framed gray boxes and the curtains remained.

Initially, I moved all my office stuff in there and worked out of this space for a little while. Talk about UNinspired! I wasn't sure what I wanted to do and something told me that this was not going to remain my office, so I never even started to design this space in my head. In fact, I rarely even used it. I mostly went to coffee shops to work instead of being in this room!


When I knew we were going to make it a playroom, I moved everything out right away. To begin the actual transformation, the curtains and their hardware came down. Then, the wood frames came down and I primered the gray painted boxes bringing the room to a simple whitish empty box.

The Details

As for paint, I wanted it light and bright but not white. I settled on an extremely light lavender color for the upper half of the walls and black chalkboard paint for the entire lower half of all the walls and gave all the trimwork a fresh white coat of paint. 

This room does get blasted with sun but I wanted to also keep it bright. I went with a white linen curtain just to filter out the intensity of the light. I bought inexpensive Ikea panels and then some pom pom trimming, which I sewed on to the panels and the tie backs to give them a little more interest.

Next, I brought in a big neutral gray rug as we'd all be on the floor playing a lot. Comfy adult-sized furniture for the caregivers, shelving for books, TONS of bins and a table for the train and a table for coloring. The rest is just TOYS TOYS TOYS!

Back in November, we posted about this playroom (post found here). But, Christmas and Penny's 2nd birthday have since occurred and suffice it to say, this room is a whole lot more crowded these days. Here are a few more images from November, when it was a bit easier to keep clean and put away toys when not in use.

It has changed a bit since these early shots. I wanted to share a few more images of what it typically looks like day-to-day. So here are a few pics taken on my iPhone recently:


And, just because I like to keep it nice and real around here...The below image is what the room looks like most of the time: MESSY! But better that the mess is contained in here (for the most part, we still keep toys in the den and her bedroom too) thank our main living space.

Thanks again for visiting my home today. It's always a pleasure to have you!