Cleveland Magazine Love

Cleveland Magazine's March home issue is out and Danielle's home is included! Check it out below! (UPDATE: link is now live here!)


A few months back, Cleveland Magazine asked to do a feature on my home in an upcoming issue. Initially, I wasn't going to do it. I thought that occasional photos on Instagram and our website was one thing but publishing photos of a house so far from "done" in a magazine seemed bad for a design business.

And then I remembered something very important...

I remembered that life is not about the destination, but the journey. And this journey - the journey of furnishing and decorating my family's home - is something relatable to anyone who has recently moved. And though it is fun to see inspiration and aspirational imagery, isn't it also so nice to be able to relate to someone? 

My husband and I are both designers but our home is not perfect. It's not yet met the vision that we have for it, but that's Ok, we're having fun along the way and why not share that! Frankly, it's a hobby. It's a way to sharpen my skills, to test my resources, to experiment. I think I'd be awfully bored if it were "done"?! And we LOVE our home. Even just as it is, unfinished. 

So, Yes! Cleveland Magazine, thank you so much for featuring our home. It's such a special place to us and it means so much to us that you thought it was special enough for your pages!

If you subscribe to Cleveland Magazine, then you've likely already received your March issue. The hard copy should be hitting stores this weekend or soon, I'd imagine. When it's online I'll update the link here. But for now, I'd love to share a little teaser!

So nice to have this to share with our family. It warms my heart that Penny's bedroom is in print! 

So, I won't even muck it up with what isn't finished about any of these spaces, I'll just enjoy this phase exactly as it is! A place I get to share with my two most favorite people in the whole wide world! #home

Thanks for stopping by, friends! Next week I'll have a more productive post for you, promise!