Candle Sconces

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We are enamored with candles sconces lately. I'm often in a Colonial state of mind. Not just because my own home is a colonial built in 1928 but because so many of our clients also reside in colonials.

At DeBoe Studio, we are always striving for balance. When it comes to colonial style homes, we're looking for ways to leverage or play up the beautiful original details so common to the era but also balance those with a fresh approach from the perspective of today. To that end, we often incorporate many clean-lined pieces and modern art but sometimes, we also dip into using more traditional elements. 

Hardwired (or even plug-in) electrical wall sconces are a go-to idea of ours. They are first and foremost functional (and we always start with function then follow with good form). Often times, though, they are cost prohibitive or even just too invasive a process to add where sconces didn't previously exist. In such cases, wall art or shelving can often do the trick but when you really just want the look of a sconce, why not consider a candle sconce instead?!

In my own dining room, I've already wallpapered the entire room and don't really want to go to the lengths needed to add hard-wired sconces (at least not yet, anyway). So, I've turned my attention towards candle sconces and have fallen deeply in love! 

What do you guys think? Do you love? Do you think you would use? Do you already use? Where did you find yours? Where did you put yours? A hallway? A dining room? A bedroom, perhaps? DO TELL over on Instagram!