Danielle's powder room: the plan!


This is one of those projects which has had 87 versions in my head since we've moved in and for one reason or another (mostly lack of time and priority, if I'm honest) never pulled the trigger on any. 

And I'm glad for that! 

This is a room off of our back door (most used) entrance to our house. It's a crowded thoroughfare where the big back door, the door to the powder room, an abnormally large door to the basement, the entry to the kitchen, AND kitchen overflow cabinets, microwave and counter all fight for space and attention. 

It has been painted with white primer and left for dead, pretty much. 

Any decision back here impacts all others and I know you guys get this. In fact, the way decisions all tie to a million other decisions is one of the number one reasons people hire us. Even people with design savvy of their own will call us in because they got caught in the web of decisions and couldn't get themselves out. The dirty secret of designers is that it happens to us too! 

It doesn't really happen so much when we're working for clients. There is a cool detachment that allows us to see more clearly. But when we're working on our own homes, we often belabor making final decisions. Just the fact that I simply don't have the time in my day to think about my own home is mostly the culprit. I've spend the day's creative capital on client projects (as the case ought to be!) and just don't have much left to think about my own home projects (something about the cobblers kids not having any shoes?). But I figured if I built this project into my work day I could knock it out and so I have.

A few things have finally advanced this project.

  1. I can't take it in its current unfinished state for one.more.second.
  2. I have defined a color palette - which I'll explain below 
  3. I have finally decided upon a wallpaper - pictured above. found here.

I am going to share the "before before" pics (as pictured on the real estate listing for the house) in another post when the room is all complete. For now, I just wanted to show the moodboard for the finished room.


So, there are a couple things at play when I think of what I want any room to be. First, I assess the room from a Feng Shui perspective. I look at the Feng Shui Bagua map and determine what area of my life this room is associated with (based on it's location within the floor plan of the home). This room (along with the den next door to this room) is associated with my Love and Marriage gua AND also a bit of my Fame and Reputation gua. When deliberately enhancing any gua, you don't have to do any of the Feng Shui recommendations. The most important thing, which trumps any Feng Shui guideline or recommendation is that you LOVE the space and the choices. (So, don't paint a room blue if you don't like the color blue!) 

It happens that pinks and whites are good colors for the Love and Marriage gua and red is good for fame and reputation. Since blush was a color I've been considering for this area since the beginning, I felt my instincts were already sound and I just needed to use these guidelines as a way to narrow down and eliminate some of other previous considerations. Because both the bathroom and back area needed a new treatment, I determined that I wanted one of the two to get painted and one to be wallpapered so I didn't have these two separate but oh-so-close spaces both painted. The back entry area has sloping ceilings and some imperfections that I don't want to draw attention towards but rather away from, so the solution there will be interesting, but I'll save for another post! 

So, I wanted the space to get a treatment which felt "classic" yet have some aspect to it that is unexpected, fun or playful as this has guided decisions throughout the entire home so far. I didn't want it too serious at all. But, I'm aiming for most big/key decisions to be rooted in a classic style. 

I think the blush gingham wallpaper with pops of black and red will support both feng shui guas AND be just my style! win-win!

I am drawn to soft and pretty but at the end of the day require saturation and contrast to feel gooood about a space. I like a little drama, what can I say?! The art will probably be different. I don't like to force or rush art, but in the meantime, as a big Rifle Paper Co fan, I think this print is a good solution! Ideally, in the Love + Marriage gua, I'd have a pair of something. So, I'm ultimately keeping my eye out for a pair of prints or artwork, or maybe even just a pair of candles for up on a shelf. Not sure about that yet. Since it's a small space, we don't need much, but we do need a stool for our toddler to use the potty, so this Ikea one is a great solution. 

Below is a view of the back door area as seen on the real estate listing. The bathroom door is open as much as it will go because there was a sink in this tiny bathroom which was too big (deep) for the space and the door would hit it and not be able to open any further. 

So, that we remedied right away with a really shallow (9", I think?!) sink and cabinet (from Ikea). To class it up, we found a slab of marble cut to be a backsplash. We bought that round gold-framed Target mirror that everyone I know has and painted it from brown to cream. Then promptly left it for dead, unfinished. 

In this photo, you can see the tiny bath across the back entry. photo was taken from kitchen. This entire zone shares a black tile floor and all ultimately need to "play nice" together.

In this photo, you can see the tiny bath across the back entry. photo was taken from kitchen. This entire zone shares a black tile floor and all ultimately need to "play nice" together.

Once the entire area is completed I'll share better before and after pics of the entire space. For now, I just wanted to share the plan for the half bath. Up next we'll share the separate, but coordinating, plan for the above back door area.

Stay tuned!

And, thank you for stopping by!