You are cordially invited to my home for a FENG SHUI workshop!

WHEN: Thursday April 4th, 2019

TIME: 6 PM arrival, 8:30 PM depart

WHERE: My home in Shaker Heights. Address provided after purchase.

WHAT: Feng Shui Fundamentals Workshop with Danielle in her home

I am so excited to finally be getting around to doing this! I always thought that hosting a Feng Shui workshop was fun, but hosting one in a home environment is just smart!


Attendees will arrive at my home at 11 am.

There will be wine, sparkling water and coffee as well as light hors d’oeuvres and a few treats to nosh on throughout the workshop.

Attendees will be given a printed 40-page workbook upon arrival.

(Anyone who has purchased the workbook already will get the cost deducted from their ticket price, just email me to let me know!).

We’ll be using this workbook throughout the workshop to get a hands-on lesson using my home’s layout and rooms as the examples. You’ll see the ways in which I’ve arranged my home to support my goals and also the ways in which my home is still “imperfect” and how I work towards balance.

I will officially dive right into the workshop at 11:30 AM sharp! (we’ve got a lot to cover and it’s very fun stuff so it has a tendency to bring up lots of side conversations that are fun and worth it, but do add time!)

The workshop will wrap up at 1:00.


We'll learn how to see our environments differently, with what I call “Feng Shui eyes” through learning:

  • How to best approach the interior design of our homes or any space leveraging these powerful tools.

  • We’ll be talking about the order in which to work, the best way to determine the floor plan, and color-selection. We'll learn about Ch'i, or positive energy flow, and how to enhance it in our environments.

  • What the heck "yin + yang" is really all about and how to see our environments through that lens.

  • About the five elements and how to use our knowledge of elemental cycles to enhance our homes

  • We'll learn about the Feng Shui map (the bagua map) and how to apply it to our homes to enhance specific areas of our lives such as our wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, love and marriage, creativity and children, health and family, knowledge and self-cultivation, career and helpful people and travel.

  • We’ll also map YOUR home’s floor plan while we’re there together and I can work with you to ensure you get it done correctly. Walking through my bagua map will give you a clear understanding of how to move through your own home and understand how it is (or isn’t) working for you.


The bagua map tells you which part of your home (based on the floor plan) is associated with which key area of your life:

  • wealth + prosperity

  • fame + reputation

  • love + marriage

  • creativity + children

  • health + family

  • knowledge + self cultivation

  • career

  • and helpful people + travel

Are you working on a side hustle that you want to make your full-time gig?

Are you working on a big promotion at work?

Are you just trying to earn more income for a family vacation?

Feng Shui can support that goal.

Are you hoping to expand your family? Do you need to enhance your creativity? Are you looking for a partner or trying to strengthen your relationship with your spouse?

Feng Shui supports these goals too.

We’ll also cover the secret (because there is a secret to all of this and life in general for that matter) as without it your efforts will only get your so far.


See above. But also:

  • Are you struggling to get your home’s interior design plan together?

  • Does your room feel unfinished but you can’t figure out why?

  • Do you believe you weren’t born with the gift of design?

  • Are you struggling to pick a color or wallpaper fo your bathroom?

  • Is your floor plan totally confounding you?

  • I could on…

These tools are not just some ancient Chinese woo woo. I would argue, their imperative. They give me so much support and have made me a successful designer. THEY ARE LEARNABLE!


  • We'll create custom maps for each of your homes

  • A full-color workbook FULL of tips, tricks and tools that you're bound to dog-ear, bookmark, drawn in, plan in, and read over and over for life! 

  • DIgital version of all worksheets emailed to you to use at your leisure on as many rooms as you’d like.

  • A new way to see your home and your goals.

  • A new tool that Interior Designers the world over use to create amazing rooms without actually realizing that it’s Feng Shui at play.

  • NEW FRIENDS! There will be just 12 of us and it is going to be so much fun!

  • A new skill!



"Captivating and informative! Refreshing to dialogue about how design relates to our day to day goal setting and emotional well being! - Jacob Holland Creative Director Event Source jacob.simon.holland

The evening was so INSPIRING!! I can't wait to put what I leaned into action and make my home a place that truly supports my goals and dreams!! -Deana

Danielle presented the elements and the yin yang concepts in a way that helped me apply them to any room to achieve the balance and harmony I seek. So often I know a room needs "something but what". I feel like the tools she shared will help me achieve that sense of a room 'feeling right" Thank you!! Angie

The entire workshop was extremely informative and very useful for our everyday lives! Jennifer

photo taken by Sean Bilovecky at the Studio of Christine Wisnieski for my last workshop

photo taken by Sean Bilovecky at the Studio of Christine Wisnieski for my last workshop

I hope you’ll consider joining me in my home for what I believe will be a unique and inspired afternoon, well-spent.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’ve got any questions!

Remember, there is only room for 12 people (!!!) so don’t waste any time, get your bestie, get your hubby/wife, and get those tickets now while you can!

With warmth and gratitude (and anticipation!),