What is the BAGUA MAP ?


Have you ever noticed how there are exactly 2,391, 233 decisions that you have to make when you consider decorating your new living space?

Or, how you can’t actually ever make one singular decision because EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED TO EVERYTHING!?!?!

It can be seriously overwhelming and discouraging and frustrating and well, stressful.

Very often, we give up somewhere before the finish line. Personally, I tend to front load as much of the design work as possible when I move into a new living space. I do try to get it out of the way as soon as possible for a few reasons…One, I get excited. Two, I want to live in a space that reflects me (and my family) as soon as humanly possible. Three, it tends to take up an awful lot of my brain space and I don’t want that much energy and brain space “spoken for” indefinitely. I’d very much like to get my home where I’m comfortable and free that space back up for other stuff!

So, how do I ensure I don’t get overwhelmed by decision fatigue before I reach the finish line?

First, I ACCEPT that there is NO FINISH LINE! EVER! As long as I am a growing, developing, evolving, traveling, life-experiencing, feeling, human….my home will never be finished. The reason being, I accept that my home should be a reflection of it’s occupants and our hopes and dreams. And, I certainly hope that those hopes and dreams continue indefinitely.

So my goal isn’t to get it over the finish line, but to get it to comfortably support our lifestyle and needs to the best of my ability and budget as fast as possible, so that I am not all-consumed for too long by it. Even though I was an Interior Designer for the last 6 years, my goal for my own home was never perfection, just an inspired reflection.


This tool is an essential feng shui tool. It’s basic function is to tell you which area of a space is correlated with which aspect of your life. See the map below to see the different life areas being mapped.


  • draw the basic outer footprint of your home. (imagine looking down at your home from above Include any area covered by a roof (this includes front/back porches and attached garages)

  • Orient the map so that the front/main entrance (where would first time visitors to your home instinctively knock. not the most common door the residents of your home use necessarily) is on the bottom of the map. (see above map where it shows the main entrance along the bottom of the square)

  • Stretch or shrink the bagua map into a square or rectangle to fit the outermost footprint of your home.

  • NOTE: there is very likely to be some areas of your map not inside your home, but outside because many homes are not conveniently a square or rectangle.

  • NOTE: your rooms won’t conveniently fit exactly into just one “gua”. For example, my kitchen is both my Wealth + Prosperity AND my Health + Family guas. My Health + family gua is in BOTH my kitchen and my dining room.


First, there are some general decluttering and assessments I’d recommend doing, but for the purpose of this post, I’m just going to share some high-level HOW-TO’s on specifically the Bagua Map so you can begin to play around with it and get an understanding for it’s function.

The idea of course is that we can enhance various aspects of our lives through enhancing the corresponding areas of our homes (or workplaces etc.).

To do that we first need to know what area means what. We’ve mapped our homes, so we’ve got that. Now, since none of our lives are perfect, there is a tendency to want to hurry up and fix ALL of it. After all, who wouldn’t want to enhance their wealth, their health, the love life, their knowledge and careers all?!!

Resist the temptation to spread your focus. Instead:

SELECT one area of focus at a time. Listen, we multi-task to a fault in our lives (prob why we need to enhance these area in the first place!) don’t multi-task this intentional practice.

ASSESS that area. Is it cluttered? Is anything in that area broken? Do you and all residents of the home feel good about everything in that space? do you or anyone you live with strongly dislike anything visible in this area? are the hidden areas (drawers, cupboards, closets) of this area a mess? Is this area fully present or is part of the area that falls inside the bagua map outside of your home (think of a home that is shaped more like a “L” - you’ll draw the map to the outermost shape but that will mean some areas are “missing” from the rectangle map. This is something we’ll be going over in the workshop).

ENHANCE the area. Now that we’ve identified which area you want to focus on, where it is, and assessed it’s current state…it’s time to take action to enhance. No matter which gua you’re working on you’ll want to start by decluttering this area. Go through it all and remove/fix any unwanted or broken items. You’ll also want to be sure that you work with each other to remove any items that any one member of the household has a strong aversion to.

To get a list of enhancements per gua, download the BAGUA MAP TOOLKIT by signing up below. It’s FREE.

The tool kit shows an example floor plan of a home then this floor plan with the map applied, a blank sheet for you to practice drawing your own map, and a full list of enhancements that I recommend for each gua of your life/home.

I hope you enjoy!

I hope you enjoy this tool It’s SO FUN to me! Remember not to rush it. Everything as it pertains to feng shui ought to be done with intention. Take it one area at a time, and slowly think through each step and enhancement.