Finally. A nutritional solution.

Part of what I wanted to gain by becoming a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach was to help myself cut through all the confusing and contradictory information out there about nutrition.

I wanted to be able to offer truly useful information to my clients and to help as many people as possible find their way back to their best selves through food and fitness.

One of the most essential lessons I learned as a health coach student has been the concept - of which I’d already adhered but didn’t know it had a name! - of BIO-INDIVIDUALITY. This is just suggesting that there is NO ONE DIET that can work for EVERYONE. Our sex, our age, our geography, our upbringing, our personal preferences, our bodies reactions to foods…all of these variables combined create a need for an individualistic approach to diet and nutrition.

So, I can’t make a recommendation of one approach and simply say that I eat mostly keto so all of you should too. Or I’m a vegan so you should be a vegan too. It doesn’t work that way and I’d never say such a thing.

This is one of the reasons I’m so excited to be getting certified next month in THE ULTIMATE PORTION FIX program that my cousin, super-trainer Autumn Calabrese has created.

This program doesn’t tell you what to do. IT EMPOWERS YOU to finally be able to ascertain that for yourself.

I recently did a poll and you guys told me that it is more difficult for you to motivate on the nutrition side of things than it is on fitness. You guys told me that you’re more confused by the nutrition side of things than fitnes. Well, now I’ve got a way to help you with this.

You will learn this program through 6 training modules.

Each, with videos and content to take a deep dive into various aspects of understanding. The 6 modules cover:


  • intro into the basic principles behind Ultimate Portion Fix and how and why the container system works (after 5 years of testing through the original portion fix program). There are 3 key principles which will be covered.

  • food and sugar addiction, hidden sugars, health claims and lableling

  • why cravings happen (THIS IS SO KEY!!!!)

  • Understanding emotional eating

  • WHY WHY WHY - we can’t just scratch the surface of the point of getting your nutrition under control. A bikini alone can’t be the reason. you MUST go deeper and this module will help you dig deeper.

  • NO MORE DIETS - this empowers you to get your nutrition on auto-pilot in a sustainable and enduring way.


  • Understanding the 3 different paths you can take on the Ultimate Portion Fix program and how you can use this in different ways at different points on your journey.


  • Digging into different formulas and how to use the container system.

  • This will include a refresher of the original portion fix program but also all of the further developed and next level NEW info.

  • This is going to deep dive into food lists

  • Look at how to use this no matter what your style of eating preference is (vegan, paleo, keto etc.)

  • We’ll demystify substitutions and understand freebies


  • Take on the grocery store! Overcome the overwhelm and deer-in-headlights reaction many have (that was my issue 2 years ago. I just shut down and either bought every healthy food item in there and later wasted and threw away or just left the store with nothing!).

  • dig into importance of and how-to’s of MEAL PLANNING for both beginner and advanced levels

  • Then go into MEAL PREPPING and how to best be prepared.


  • FAMILY FIX! not a diet for children but a way to apply this knowledge to ensure a healthy family including kids. That said, with your child’s doctor’s approval you could apply this to kids in need of a healthier lifestyle.

  • Will cover info for different age groups

  • how to feed your family and keep them all healthy

  • psychology of food - how you interact with your food


  • Special ways for special days; How to handle restaurants and vacations.


  • Over 30 new videos about the containers and principles of the nutrition plan

  • Portion control containers

  • A workbook and daily logbook

  • Fixate Volume 2 Cookbook with 102 new recipes

  • Access to over 200 episodes of the Fixate Cooking Show

  • 75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids PDF

  • Tracking with the Nutrition+ and Beachbody on Demand apps

BONUS: When you purchase the Ultimate Portion Fix before April 1, you’ll get real time streaming of 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme Workouts, so you can work out together with Autumn Calabrese starting April 1, 2019 and our team!

The Combo pack will also include an Insulated Beachbody Tote Bag that comes with large partitioned containers, ice packs, and plenty of storage so you can take your food with you wherever you go.

But the best part of purchasing the Ultimate Portion Fix is that you get access to me as a coach as well as an invitation to my UPF Lifestyle Challenge Group!

How can you dial up what you take away from this program?

In a word? COACH.

You can opt to get certified in this program and gain a deeper and full understanding of how to not just know the information but to know it well enough to share it and help others as well.
The one thing I’ve learned from being a coach is that I will always be both a teacher and a student. Teaching helps me better understand the content and helps me to be more accountable.

Knowing that this is a powerful way for people to dial up their commitment, a coach certification option is available to EVERYONE.

This is the most powerful tool I’ve ever offered. Hands down. I’m beyond excited. To get your journey started, fill out this form:

Or, as always, just email me! I’m happy to answer any questions. danielle @ deboestudio .com